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Online Montessori Course :




      "Get Online Montessori Training And Become Montessori Certified Teacher In Just Three Months."

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About Montessori Diploma course:

WelcometoMontessori Universethis is an online Montessori Training Programme.This course helps you to know how to prepare the Montessori environment, how to prepare yourself as a Nursery Teacher, communicating with young children the Montessori way.Distance learning allows you the freedom of stydying & submitting your course work at your own pace without disrupting your current job,leisure activities or family life.Montessori Universe offers a 3months, comprehensive online Montessori Teacher Training Program. The Montessori preschool teacher training program is an exclusive distance-learning email based program. Students receive the lesson responses in the form of Microsoft Word attachments.

Montessori Universe,MontessoriCourse provide a thorough understanding of the adult-child relationship as well as a complete knowledge of the physical layout and operation of a Montessori classroom.



Early Childhood Education:

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Nursery teacher training
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        Early Childhood education is essential part of a child's life.Gone are those days when mothers use to
think let the kids play when they will go school they will learn. New techniques and methods are very advantageous for a child's development and Growth. Montessori Training helps mother and teacher to understand child as an individual.

        Montessori course explains how to use Montessori Material, how to teach alphabets, fruits, vegetables and about practical life excercises. Flash cards are easily available on internet, but more important is how to use them.This course also explains Circle time activities, weekly themes,crafts activities for kids ,story telling and many other things which a Montessori caregiver should know.
If you think this is what you wanted to learn and this is what you were looking for, So fill our online admission form and start your Montessori training.
Our Montessori Course Benefits :

* Our Montessori Training can be done ONLINE.

* Academic prerequisites to enroll are Grade 10 (or equivalent) education.

* Duration is Fast maode. 3 hours per week is all you need to devote to this course.

* Study material will be given by email to online students.

* Montessori certificate helps you to get a job Internationally

* Fee is $450. Paid in 2 installments

* Online Montessori course can be done anywhere in the world

* Start your own Kindergarten.

* Complete Montessori training is given to be able to teach with just this diploma.



Just 10 minutes of precious play time in the morning gives your child an outlet to release some of her nervous energy.




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